Bedbug Bites Look as Nasty as They Feel

Currently dealing with bedbugs, I can attest firsthand these pesky creatures have one goal in mind, and that is to turn you into a late night wine and dine. While it is true that bedbugs are not dangerous in the sense of causing disease, they can be a nuisance, and the bites they leave behind quiet frankly, annoying and frustrating.

Looking at Bedbug Bites Up Close

Knowing if you have a bedbug bite can help you properly handle the situation and rid your home of bedbugs. Bedbug bites affect each person differently. In some people, such as in my case, people can have an allergic reaction to these bites, causing swelling. In all cases, bedbug bites are extremely itchy, but scratching will only make it worse.

The Physical Effects of a Bedbug Bite

At first bite, you may notice a large, raised white welt looking area.The bites initially look like a mosquito bite,and you may even think you have been bitten by a mosquito until the itching sets in. The welts disappear after a few minutes, where in its place you will notice a small red bump, most often with a spot in the middle of it where the bedbug used its fangs to suck.

These bites can appear anywhere on the body, and occur at night once you have fallen fast asleep. Bedbugs love the upper part of the body, so you may find the bites above the waist, including on the head, face, arms, hands, and even chest area. They are easy to distinguish from other bites due to the painful itching that they cause.

How Long Do Bedbug Bites Last?

The spot where the bedbug has bitten you can last anywhere from 3 to 4 days up to 14 days and possibly longer. Even after several days the area may still have an intense itch. Bedbug bites look similar in almost every person. Along with the itching, you should be able to easily identify a problem with bedbugs.

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