The Signs of Bedbug Problems

The return of the dreaded Bedbug, or Cimex lectulariushas, has hit Americans by storm once again. The nasty little bug, once thought to have been an eradicated pest, finds the same comfort in our beds as we do. Identifying a potential bed bug problem is sometimes a difficult process, but the nasty little Bed Bug leaves a few clues behind to help you solve this troublesome mystery.

The First Sign: Bedbug Bites

You and your beloved family have noticed small red bumps on your bodies when you wake up in the morning and fear that you may have been feasted on by the blood sucking Bed Bug. This is a good indicator that you may have a Bed Bug problem, but you cannot rely only on these presumed Bed Bug bites, as many other environmental factors could have caused them. The first step in identifying the red marks is to examine yourself before bed, for any marks that may be there. When you awake in the morning, check for new marks. If there are any new marks, they very well could be Bed Bug bites.

Where to Look for Bedbugs

So now you really think you have Bedbugs and you are thinking about calling a professional exterminator. You don’t want to spend all of your money on one quite yet, so now you search your bedrooms and under the mattresses to find the pesky little parasites. The only problem now is that you can’t find them!

The Second Sign: Feces

Bed Bugs are very sneaky and nearly impossible to locate by sight, so you need to locate the traces they leave behind, and anything that eats, poops! Bedbugs leave traces of feces in the places they inhabit which may leave your beds and boxsprings speckled a rusty brown. Taking a damp rag to the fabric can help identify this speckling as the fecal droppings of the filthy Cimex. If it is indeed Bedbug feces speckling the bed, it will smear with a quick swipe of your rag. Now would be a good time to call the exterminator, but beware the Bed Bug isn’t as easily eradicated as their predecessors and have become immune to several pest control chemicals, so finding an exterminator that specializes in Bed Bug removal, is very important.

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