Black Widow Spider Pictures

The while it isn’t aggressive, the black widow spider still makes people uneasy.  It’s powerful venom is enough to give most people pause.

The following are pictures of the black widow spider.  They show the distinct black body shape and the red hourglass shape on the bottom of the spider.  These black widow spider pictures include male and female spiders and should help you identify them correctly.

Click on any of the pictures below to get a larger view.

Pictures of the Female Black Widow Spider

The female black widow spiders cary the distinctly black body with the red markings underneath.  Note: coloration and markings vary slightly by region.  The black widow images below are for the North American spider.

female-black-widow-top female-black-widow-bottom black-widow-bottom-hourglass black-widow-spider

Pictures of the Male Black Widow Spider

As the images below show, the male black widow spider tends to be lighter colored and smaller then the female.

Male Black Widow Male Black Widow (underside) Light Colored Male Black Widow