What are Flying Termites?

Flying termites, similar to ants, are often visible during fall and spring seasons. These swarming termites are usually mistaken for flying insects. Reproductive winged termites are also known as alates. They are known to reproduce in warm temperature and it takes only a male and female to begin a new colony. As they mate, these creatures are known to cast off their wings. Flying winged termites are attracted towards light and can enter into homes through visible cracks or holes.

How Big Are Termite SwarmersFlying termites can be differentiated from winged ants on the basis of wings and antennae. Swarming termites have all four wings of same size and straight antennae. The flying ants have arched antennae and different sized wings. Damp wood termites are common in Arizona, California and coastal pacific regions. They breed in damp coastal places and high altitudes and have large brown wings for swarming.

Another common type in America is the subterranean termites. They breed near decayed damp wood, muddy pipes and live in colony beneath the ground. Chemical soil treatment and preventing water leaks can help to control these termites. The dry wood flying termites are visible in the southeast, southwest and parts of California states. Swarming termites in southwest are little larger than those in southeast and have big dark wings. They harm dry wooden furniture, books, floors and shelves. It is ideal to use treated lumber as a cure. Exterminator for this breed includes fumigation and poison injections.

Even though the name suggests that these termites fly, they cannot travel long distances. Hence, if you spot them flying near your home, it could mean that any part of the house or surrounding area is infested with these flying termites. Flying termites are natural agents to recycle decayed and rotten wood back to the nature. This is an impressive task but they could also harm the belongings at home. Hence, it is important to exterminate these pests from homes at the earliest.

Pictures of Flying Termites

Flying Termites subterranean-termite-swarmer

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