What are Termite Inspections?

Termite inspections are carried out for residences and businesses to insure that there are no termites present on the property. The inspections are carried out on a regular basis so that the termite damage can be caught as early as possible. The inspection is a complete inspection of the entire property around where termites like to reside the most.

What do inspectors check?

Inspectors check for termite damage on all wood surfaces under and above the house. Basements are popular places for termites to reside, so they are checked as well. All walls of the exterior of the house are checked as well as underneath a house. Pier and beam foundation houses are some of the most susceptible houses to termites because of all the wood foundations.

How often should a termite inspection occur?

Depending on the area, inspections should occur anywhere between once and year and once every five years. It is important to have frequent inspections so that the damage done to the house and foundation is minimal so that the cost of repair, if necessary, will not be extreme. If you have had termites before, and treated them, it might be a good idea to get an inspection six months after the treatment to make sure everything worked properly.

How much do they cost?

Termite inspection cost varies with the size of the property and where the home is located. The average cost for an inspection is anywhere between $100 and $200. This fee covers the inspection, the report, the cost of labor, transportation, and any other fees associated with the inspection. Of course if termites are found, then the cost to get rid of them is much higher. A termite treatment program often costs over $4000. This is why it is a good idea to have frequent inspections to avoid even larger treatment costs.

Is there a time of year that is better than others?

Termites are more active during temperatures that are above 50 degrees. Usually they move to new places during the spring. The best time to get a termite inspection is late spring or early summer. This is the time that the termites are likely to be the most active. If you live in a termite prone area, then having a termite inspection in the fall and having another in the spring is the best way to stay clean.

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